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Crack the Code: Essential Math Formulas for the ACT & SAT

Memorizing key math formulas can greatly improve performance on the ACT and SATs. This article covers what to know and memorize, as well as the differences in math between the two tests.



The ACT is a test that doesn't provide a formula sheet like the SAT does. It's important to have a good grasp of math concepts and formulas to do well on the test. The math section of the ACT is fast-paced, with one minute per question, so being well-prepared can make a big difference in your score.



The SAT is a standardized test that requires you to memorize all the formulas except for the ones mentioned below. The test consists of two math sections, where the second one is considered an adaptive part. The digital version of the SAT assesses and tailors its questions based on your answers to the first module. Most students find the questions in the second module more challenging.

I am often asked which test has the more difficult math, and the answer is simple - it's actually the SAT. Although you are provided with a formula sheet, the level of difficulty of the math questions is much higher. The ACT asks math questions in a more overview style, while the SAT seems to focus on the application of the math concept. Therefore, it is important to continue studying math to keep your skills sharp!"

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