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Succeeding on the SAT 2024: What Every Student Needs to Know

In 2024 the SAT took a major shift. Some students who took the SAT first in 2023, will be surprised at how different the test now looks. As students gear up to tackle this new digital format, understanding the changes and how to excel is key.

Understanding the 2024 SAT Changes

Embracing the Shift to Digital Testing

The SAT's transition to a digital platform in 2024 signifies a major shift in how students will take the test. This change is designed to reflect the more technologically integrated classroom environments students are accustomed to. The digital SAT will be shorter, with adaptive testing features that adjust the difficulty of questions as students progress.

 Students should become comfortable with the digital interface before test day. Familiarizing oneself with the types of questions and the functionality of the testing platform is crucial. Practice tests available online will be an invaluable resource. The ones we recommend are free and on College Boards Website and entitled "Bluebook".

Deciphering the New SAT Format

The new format of the SAT in 2024 presents a fresh set of challenges and opportunities for test-takers. The test will still assess the critical knowledge and skills students have acquired but with notable updates. There will be a greater emphasis on questions that value the application of knowledge in real-world scenarios. The sections on Math, Evidence-Based Reading, and Writing remain, but with refined focus areas.

Below is from the College Board website:

One significant update is the duration of the test; the digital SAT will be shorter than its predecessor. The Reading and Writing sections will be combined into a single section, streamlining the test-taking process. Additionally, students will encounter more passages with a wider variety of topics, aimed at providing a better measure of college and career readiness.

Understanding the structure and types of questions will be vital for students, especially because some current test takers have seen the SAT given in 2023, before the major changes in 2024.

Adapting to Changes in SAT Content

 The College Board is placing a stronger emphasis on analytically rich content that requires more critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students need to adapt their study habits to these changes by engaging with a variety of texts and focusing on applied math practice. Seek updated practice questions and test-taking strategies for the 2024 SAT format. Practice is key to success!

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