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Jenn Hayes


Jenn is an experienced Elementary School Teacher with over ten years of classroom teaching. She firmly believes that every child can learn, and learning should always be interesting and fun. She has her Bachelor's degree from Washington State University in Elementary Education. She has taught in Washington, California, Alabama, and Florida. Jenn has a passion for teaching reading and math, and believes that every child needs a solid foundation in these areas to find success in their future. She teaches children in a variety of ways including visual arts, hands-on, and auditory, while assessing how the student learns best. She has worked in public schools as a grade level teacher, gifted teacher, and special education teacher. Her passion is to make every student more confident in learning and to encourage them to reach their goals.

Jenn lives in Niceville and has been married for almost 25 years and has three children ages 21, 18, and 15. Her daughters are currently in college, and her son attends Collegiate High School in Niceville. She currently teaches at the Prestige Homeschool Academy and is a Cast Member for The Walt Disney Company.

Jenn Hayes
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